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PVC/Vinyl Fence

PVC/ Vinyl Fences And Gates In South Florida



PVC Residential Fence Installation

In South Florida, Residential PVC fences are mostly installed to enclose residential property lines, low security parking lots and apartment complexes.

PVC Commercial Fence Installation

In South Florida, Commercial PVC fencing is mostly installed to enclose apartment complexes, parking lots, factories, schools and shopping centers.

PVC Industrial Fence Installation

In South Florida, Industrial PVC fences are mostly installed to enclose high security parking lots, apartments, industrial complexes, municipal buildings, schools, cemeteries and any other site that requires high security and strength.

PVC Gate Installation

At All Fencing and Repair we believe that gates are the most important component of any fencing project for that reason we offer PVC gates to match all styles of PVC fencing you choose. Installing structurally sound PVC gates in every project we work on, has set us apart from the competition in South Florida.

PVC-Vinyl fences and gates offer the beauty of a traditional fencing with low maintenance characteristics and it usually last a life time. Depending on the style chosen it also provides a privacy barrier around your home or business. White is the most popular color installed in South Florida, but other colors are available upon request. We offer several popular styles that cover a variety of residential and decorative uses. Should you desire something else, simply send us a picture and we will duplicate it as closely as possible. Many of the PVC-Vinyl fences and gates meet swimming pool code as long as the gates are self closing and locking. Privacy fence are usually 6 ft high and there are some 4 ft picket types. Combinations of styles and materials are often used on the same job. Rest assured that our fencing company utilizes the highest quality PVC-Vinyl fencing materials, resulting in the finest PVC-Vinyl fence installation available on the market today.

Whether you are fencing in the perimeter of your yard, enclosing your pool, making a privacy screening for a garbage area, or creating a dog run, chain link fences and gates affords strength and durability, and it is an economical choice. For more information on the different applications of chain link materials and chain link gates please contact one of our representatives at 954 306 3477 .

Our line of products include: