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Fence, Gate and Railing Repair

Fence, Gate and Railing Repair in South Florida

Gate Repair Fences, gates and railings need maintenance and repair, as weather and natural wear-and-tear cause damage over time. The first thing that comes to one’s mind is whether to repair or replace. Whatever the case may be, allow us to survey the situation and give you a free estimate, even if we didn't install the original job.

To get started, our field representative will survey your fence or gate, and based on the integrity of the whole structure he will provide you with an expert opinion on whether you will be better off with a new structure or if you’ll need some minor repair. The most common repairs we provide to secure fence and gate structures involve welding and replacement of timber posts, latches and brackets.

Our suggestion is to get both estimates, this way you will be making the best informed decision possible. Just communicate with our representative how you want to proceed.

For more information on our company fencing materials projects and products, please contact us at 954-306-3477. We look forward to working with you starting with an on-site estimate.