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Should I Treat My Wood Fence

Here’s a common homeowner question: When considering your wood fence options, is it better to purchase a less expensive wood that’s been pressure-treated, or a more expensive wood that has not? The answer to that will vary greatly by the specific situation at hand, and the area of the county you live in. Pressure-treated pine is the standard when it comes to building a long-lasting affordable fence. Pressure-treated wood may not be the best looking of the wood fencing options, but for the price, it provides excellent resistance to rot and insects. More exotic tropical hardwoods, like Ipe, can be […]

School Fencing Companies South Florida

The requirements of school fencing are many and varied. Not only must it be aesthetically pleasing, but it must be safe, meet Department of Education standards and fit within the budget. Have no fear. With 14 years of experience in school fencing, let All Fencing and Repair – Fence and Gate Installation company supply a fence to suit your school fencing requirements. Our most popular fence for school fencing project is chainmesh fencing/chain link fencing which is offered in a range of heights and finishes. The second most sought after fence for schools is our line of aluminum fences. With […]

Industrial Fence Contractor

All Fencing and Repair is staffed and equipped to handle a full range of industrial fence projects in Broward County, Miami Dade County and Palm Beach County. Our Industrial Fencing Project Managers have experience in managing turnkey projects involving fencing, access control, entry gates and masonry. Our Industrial Fencing Project Managers have experience in managing turnkey projects involving fencing, access control, entry gates and masonry. No matter what your industrial fencing requirements, All Fencing and Repair have a fencing solution for you. With over 14 years of experience, we have met any fencing needs in the industry no matter what […]

Fence Cost South Florida

How much does a fence cost? Do you want to sacrifice quality for price? Are you a South Florida home owner planning to hire a fence contractor but aren’t sure if the job will fit into your budget? When shopping for a fence and or gate to enclose your property, it’s important to keep in mind that the installation of an inferior fence cannot replace the quality materials and workmanship provided by professional fence contractors. Yet, with a little research you can find quality and affordable fences in South Florida. For over ten years, All Fencing and Repair has taken […]

Custom Fence and Gate

All Fencing and Repair designs custom fences, gates and railings which can be drafted from a design you have in mind or from designs we have already prepared. Custom fences are usually elaborate, ornamental in design, and made up of wrought iron. Ornamental designs add a majestic touch to any property, and often, clients who order wrought iron gates complement the elegant look by installing ornamental railings and balconies. Keep in mind that ornamental wrought iron designs are not limited to outdoor entry ways and fence applications. These decorative railing pieces can also be used to add beauty to the […]

AFA Fence Contractor

The “gold standard” of the industry, American Fence Association contractors bring more experience to the table, with an average of 22 years in the business. With this longevity in the industry, AFA contractors bring superior technical and installation skills to each of their projects. The AFA logo by a contractor’s name signifies the adherence to the strictest, industry-leading business and ethical practices standards of honesty and responsibility – as well as having access to over 160 hours of industry-specific educational and training opportunities every year. Contractors with the American Fence Association promise a quality job with high standards, ethics, and […]

Advantages PVC Fences

PVC fences are some of the most durable, long lasting, and best looking fences available to homeowners today. With a reputation like this, it’s easy to understand why PVC fences are a homeowner’s favorite fencing material in South Florida. And this is especially for homeowners in South Florida, as they don’t need to worry about severe cold weather, which with time damages PVC fences that were not treated with impact modifiers, used to increase the PVC’s strength. The only down-side to PVC fences seems to be the lack of colors to choose from (few suppliers offer more than white). But […]

Gates Boca Raton

An aluminum fence is the best when it comes to strength, beauty and durability. Aluminum fences can be custom designed to any ornamental style and powder coated with any color to give your fence the beauty and elegance it deserves. Aluminum fence is the king of fences, hands down. Aluminum Fence Tips When you plan to buy an aluminum fence, first try and study the landscape of your property. If you have an uneven ground, then you will want to buy a fence that is rackable, or else you will end up having a stepping fence. If the pickets on […]

Vinyl Fence in Miami

As Miami continues to expand well into the 21st century, wood and metal fences are gradually giving away to a much more adaptable and affordable medium, vinyl. Today hard plastic fences do not turn brittle over time like they used to and can be built to withstand weather as well as most other kinds of fencing. However, another benefit for vinyl (also know as PVC) is that these plastic-based enclosures come in many varieties that clients can choose from. It is much cheaper and easier to find vinyl fencing in different styles, colors, and configurations than any other type of […]

Rolling Gates Miami

Whether you are creating an entirely new enclosure or completing an already started fencing project, adding the right gate is one of the most important parts of the process. For many types of fence projects, including chain link, aluminum, and wrought-iron fences, a rolling gate is much more effective and convenient. Rolling gates provides added security to your residence or commercial property and it can be accessed as needed. One of the advantages of rolling gates it that it can be padlocked. Rolling gates can be as affordable, yet effective as a chain-link fence, however it is not extremely secure […]

Ornamental Fences Miami

Add a new touch of class to your home with an elegant and elaborate ornamental steel fence and gate. Custom gate and fence fabrication of all types right here in South Florida. For over 13 years All Fencing and Repair has manufactured, designed, fabricated, and installed the best ornamental steel fences and gate products available. “If you can dream it we can build it.” Ornamental Steel Fence and Gate Installation in South Florida The newest line of Ornamental Steel Fences and Gates offered by All Fencing and Repair are elegant and durable. Steel fencing closely resembles wrought iron fencing and […]

Railing in Miami

One of the most under-appreciated yet necessary jobs that fence contractors do on a regular basis is installing railings. Few people may appreciate just how much railing is present throughout their communities. Office buildings, schools, industrial zones, apartment buildings, and many other structures have many miles of railing through Miami and South Florida. Railings can come in many varieties, but these are often pre-determined by regulations and efficiency. When it comes to large scale commercial, industrial, or residential properties, metal, aluminum and PVC railings are the most commonly used. They offer stability, uniformity, and are adaptable to many different kinds […]

Gates Miami

Decorative / Ornamental / Sculptural Gate Design And Installation In South Florida Driveway gates, wrought iron gates, garden gates, security gates, pedestrian gates, ornamental gates, steel gates, aluminum gates, walk trough gates, automatic gates, electric gates, gate operators, gate openers, access control gate, battery powered gates, you name it. All Fencing and Repair has the gate product you are looking for. All Fencing and Repair offers a comprehensive line of products and services for all aspects of gate and fence installation. Wrought iron gates, railings, fencing, gate automation, entry/access control, columns, and walls are all options available for your gate/fence […]

Decorative Fencing Miami

Decorative or ornamental fences are commonly made with wrought iron or aluminum materials and is a relatively common sight in Miami. Many people may assume that these kinds of enclosures are reserved for people who want to make their mansions more luxurious and private, but in fact if you were to look around Miami you would see many decorative fencing projects being applied to public facilities like school buildings as well as apartment complexes and commercial developments. In fact these are often the most secure and effective ways to secure very large spaces in situations such as enclosing an entire […]

Automatic Gate Contractors Miami

When looking for an enclosure for a commercial or private residence, concerns for safety, convenience, and security will often lead to interest in an automated gate. This is often the best option when someone wants to fully enclose their property and still allow easy street access. Remote controls and security pads are usually also utilized so that cars can get through the gates simply and conveniently. Automated gates can work with a few different types of fences, including aluminum and ornamental fences. However when gearing an enclosure towards security, an automated gate should be combined with fences that are going […]

Aluminum Fences Miami

Aluminum is the most popular and commonly seen type of fence in Miami. They are available in many configurations and styles and are very long lasting and easy to maintain. Aluminum fences are usually the first choice for many settings such as pools patios, walkways, business property fences, and can even be used on interiors. As far as privacy is concerned, aluminum fences come and many varieties and can be as opaque and tall as is desired. All varieties can be installed to fit varying specifications and are designed to resist damage and tampering, especially in the rainy, windy climate […]

Gate Installation Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale and the greater Broward County area are still a hotbed of expansion and renovation despite recent economic turbulence. All Fencing and Repair has been installing and repairing gates in Fort Lauderdale as well as the rest of South Florida since 1997. Our services offer a variety of options for those looking for gates both matching and complimentary. Chain link, composite, and wooden gates are all available. There are also customizable PVC and aluminum gates that are extremely durable and come in many shapes and sizes. Lastly, a popular addition to properties is decorative gates. These have patterns and […]

Wood Fences Fort Lauderdale

Common Types Of Wood Fences In South Florida Board on Board This is a privacy type wood fence. In this type of fence, a third picket is placed on top of every two picket nailed together, creating a full privacy and giving extra strength to the fence. Of course this means more wood, so the fence will be more expensive. Stockade This is also a privacy wood fence; here the pickets are cramped together flat on rails and nailed tight against each other. But since wood bends and warps over time, you are most likely to have small gaps in […]

Aluminum Fences Hollywood

What Type of Aluminum Fence is Best for Your Property? When you plan to buy an aluminum fence, first try and study the landscape of your property. If you have an uneven ground, then you will want to buy a fence that is rackable, or else you will end up having a stepping fence. If the pickets on an aluminum fence panel are welded together and not screwed, then installing such a fence on an uneven ground will create a stepping effect from panel to panel. So for uneven ground, it is best to have pickets screwed to the rails […]

Aluminum Fences Fort Lauderdale

The Make of Aluminum Fences It all starts in an aluminum plant where the furnace melts and shapes molten aluminum into hollow pipes, angles, brackets, sheets etc. Once the structure is ready, it passes through painting booths where they are powder coated. Finally it passes through a baking oven and then a cooler before it comes out and is stacked and ready to be shipped to fence whole sellers. Most of the big manufacturer’s like Ideal Aluminum provide limited lifetime warranty on their products. They are pretty good and have set the industry standard for quality aluminum fence products. Now […]

Wrought Iron Gates Broward

Many of the most common styles of gates found in Broward County are chain-link fences and other more affordable and efficient materials. However, when security and aesthetics are a necessary component for a project then a wrought-iron gate is often what will work best. Once installed, they are often the simplest to secure and hardest to circumvent. However wrought iron gates can also be added to fences of a different material, which can be useful when someone is most concerned about limiting vehicle access as much as possible to a property. Wrought iron gates also add a level of prestige […]

Wood Fences Broward County

Common Types Of Lumber For Wood Fences In South Florida • Pine – Pressure treated for subterranean termites – besides having pressure treated pine, it is good to coat the lumber with water repellant stain to prolong the life of wood. • Spruce – Untreated spruce picket fences and cross rails are most commonly used in prefabricated 4×8- or 8×6-foot picket and stockade-fence sections that you find at your local hardware store. These are then installed between pressure-treated fence posts. • Cypress – Natural chemical Cypretine – Red Cypress is an all-natural aromatic wood that is grown in the swamps […]

Ornamental Gates Broward County

ORNAMENTAL GATES An ornamental entrance or garden gate is an attractive way to welcome guests to your home or garden. The gate’s design should reflect the style of the home or garden as well as your personality. Our selection of all steel decorative, entry gates and garden gates are absolutely beautiful. Our gates are strong and ideally suited for security concerns. If you’re looking for ornamental elegance with the strength of steel, one of these steel security gates below may be what you’re looking for! Wrought Iron Gates Wrought iron is heated and shaped into many different designs for entrance […]

Fence in Broward

All Fencing and Repair, a Fence Company located in Broward County was established in 1997 and it is currently offering the largest options of fence, railings and gates in South Florida. As designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, and installer of fencing products we are able to offer the best quality in fencing materials available in the industry. Whether it is aluminum, composite, chain link, wood, PVC or welded wire fencing you can be assured that we discriminately select the best quality in materials and standards. Also, our line of fences, gates and railing products have been extended to carry a beautiful […]

Fence Contractor in Broward

Broward County’s rapid expansion westward means that there is also a need for greater privacy and security for businesses and residents. Pests, intruders, and stormy weather are all reasons why fences are a necessity for many property owners. A fence can take many shapes and most of them should be professionally installed to ensure its integrity and appearance. Even a chain link fence can be ineffective when put together by an amateur or do-it-yourself type. Fence Materials Besides chain link, which are usually long-lasting but lacking in full security and privacy, there are PVC, wooden, and aluminum fences to consider. […]

Fence Builder Broward County

Due to rapid-fire development and a turbulent property market in South Florida, Broward County and the greater Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area is always in need of infrastructure improvements and property upgrades that involve walls and fencing. Chain link fences, composite and wood fences, and aluminum and PVC installations are all commonly used in Broward County to raise property values while enhancing security, safety, and privacy on commercial and residential properties. Chain link fences are one of the most common sights in South Florida. Their ubiquitous presence at residences, businesses, and empty lots and construction sites shows how popular they are […]

Chain Link Fence Company Broward

When looking for chain link fence and gate installation companies in South Florida look for a company who is knowledgeable in the different materials and a fence company who will explain the difference in between the chain link fencing products. You might be surprised at all the options available. Traditional chain link fences are pretty much the same – galvanized steel chain link fence and coated chain link fence with powdered zinc to protect it from the elements. Although these are common chain link fence styles, there are several variations available relating to gauge, diamond link size, color and galvanization. […]

Broward Railing Installation

Make a grand entrance or a distinctive finish with a railing installation from All Fencing and Repair. Whether you want to enclose a small, secluded side deck or frame a wide, panoramic view, you will find the largest variety of railing applications at your South Florida All Fencing and Repair. From aluminum to composite railing and styles offered in a variety of colors and shapes, our railing systems are the perfect companion for any deck, porch, patio, stairways or anything in between that you want to enclose. Our commitment to excellence and quality railing panel systems have placed us well […]

Broward Gate Installation

Are you in South Florida and need gate installation and/or repair? Gate Installation in South Florida is All Fencing and Repair specialty. From the antique and ornamental to a simple metal design, our gates offer the security you need and the custom look you desire. As we say it: “YOU DREAM IT, WE BUILD IT!” Whatever gate application you choose, wood gates, iron gates, ornamental gates, aluminum gates, composite gates, chain link gates or PVC gates, All Fencing and Repair is here to educate you on the best gate application that suits your property. Since 1997 we have been installing […]

Broward Fence Contractors

Property owners will find many different choices in fencing supplies. The fence can enhance your home’s safety and also maintain your pets in a localized area where they can’t be considered a nuisance to the neighbors or endangered by traffic. Chain link fences are created of the fencing material that is connected to posts and rails. Material, poles, rails and gates are handled as to be resistant against rust. You can choose materials for your chain link fence that are galvanized using zinc. Aluminum clad fencing is usually cheaper but doesn’t last so long as zinc. Chain link fences offer […]

Broward County Fence Installation

COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL AND INDUSTRIAL FENCE CONTRACTORS IN SOUTH FLORIDA TIPS FOR A WORRY FREE FENCE INSTALLATION: 1. Decide on the exact layout of your fence. We recommend that you stay six inches inside your property line. Stake the fence corners and string out the entire fence line. This will give you an idea of how your fence will look and alert you to any potential problems such as trees and shrubs that might be in the way. 2. Talk to your neighbors about your plans. Neighbors will generally be fine with your plans of installing a fence or gate and […]

Aluminum Fence Contractors In Broward

Due to their popularity, contracting for aluminum fencing is a busy and competitive market in Broward County. Even during a recession there is constant construction and renovation projects where aluminum fences comes into use. This includes not just home improvement projects but commercial and industrial projects all across Broward County that use indoor and outdoor aluminum fences. Avoiding Scams When Looking for a Fence Contractor This fertile industry has made Florida a hotbed of contractor fraud. Therefore it is very important that any business you are considering hiring be thoroughly researched. Ask for examples of past work they have done […]

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