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Wrought Iron Gates Broward

Many of the most common styles of gates found in Broward County are chain-link fences and other more affordable and efficient materials. However, when security and aesthetics are a necessary component for a project then a wrought-iron gate is often what will work best. Once installed, they are often the simplest to secure and hardest to circumvent. However wrought iron gates can also be added to fences of a different material, which can be useful when someone is most concerned about limiting vehicle access as much as possible to a property. Wrought iron gates also add a level of prestige […]

Wood Fences Broward County

Common Types Of Lumber For Wood Fences In South Florida • Pine – Pressure treated for subterranean termites – besides having pressure treated pine, it is good to coat the lumber with water repellant stain to prolong the life of wood. • Spruce – Untreated spruce picket fences and cross rails are most commonly used in prefabricated 4×8- or 8×6-foot picket and stockade-fence sections that you find at your local hardware store. These are then installed between pressure-treated fence posts. • Cypress – Natural chemical Cypretine – Red Cypress is an all-natural aromatic wood that is grown in the swamps […]

Ornamental Gates Broward County

ORNAMENTAL GATES An ornamental entrance or garden gate is an attractive way to welcome guests to your home or garden. The gate’s design should reflect the style of the home or garden as well as your personality. Our selection of all steel decorative, entry gates and garden gates are absolutely beautiful. Our gates are strong and ideally suited for security concerns. If you’re looking for ornamental elegance with the strength of steel, one of these steel security gates below may be what you’re looking for! Wrought Iron Gates Wrought iron is heated and shaped into many different designs for entrance […]

Fence in Broward

All Fencing and Repair, a Fence Company located in Broward County was established in 1997 and it is currently offering the largest options of fence, railings and gates in South Florida. As designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, and installer of fencing products we are able to offer the best quality in fencing materials available in the industry. Whether it is aluminum, composite, chain link, wood, PVC or welded wire fencing you can be assured that we discriminately select the best quality in materials and standards. Also, our line of fences, gates and railing products have been extended to carry a beautiful […]

Fence Contractor in Broward

Broward County’s rapid expansion westward means that there is also a need for greater privacy and security for businesses and residents. Pests, intruders, and stormy weather are all reasons why fences are a necessity for many property owners. A fence can take many shapes and most of them should be professionally installed to ensure its integrity and appearance. Even a chain link fence can be ineffective when put together by an amateur or do-it-yourself type. Fence Materials Besides chain link, which are usually long-lasting but lacking in full security and privacy, there are PVC, wooden, and aluminum fences to consider. […]

Fence Builder Broward County

Due to rapid-fire development and a turbulent property market in South Florida, Broward County and the greater Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area is always in need of infrastructure improvements and property upgrades that involve walls and fencing. Chain link fences, composite and wood fences, and aluminum and PVC installations are all commonly used in Broward County to raise property values while enhancing security, safety, and privacy on commercial and residential properties. Chain link fences are one of the most common sights in South Florida. Their ubiquitous presence at residences, businesses, and empty lots and construction sites shows how popular they are […]

Chain Link Fence Company Broward

When looking for chain link fence and gate installation companies in South Florida look for a company who is knowledgeable in the different materials and a fence company who will explain the difference in between the chain link fencing products. You might be surprised at all the options available. Traditional chain link fences are pretty much the same – galvanized steel chain link fence and coated chain link fence with powdered zinc to protect it from the elements. Although these are common chain link fence styles, there are several variations available relating to gauge, diamond link size, color and galvanization. […]

Broward Railing Installation

Make a grand entrance or a distinctive finish with a railing installation from All Fencing and Repair. Whether you want to enclose a small, secluded side deck or frame a wide, panoramic view, you will find the largest variety of railing applications at your South Florida All Fencing and Repair. From aluminum to composite railing and styles offered in a variety of colors and shapes, our railing systems are the perfect companion for any deck, porch, patio, stairways or anything in between that you want to enclose. Our commitment to excellence and quality railing panel systems have placed us well […]

Broward Gate Installation

Are you in South Florida and need gate installation and/or repair? Gate Installation in South Florida is All Fencing and Repair specialty. From the antique and ornamental to a simple metal design, our gates offer the security you need and the custom look you desire. As we say it: “YOU DREAM IT, WE BUILD IT!” Whatever gate application you choose, wood gates, iron gates, ornamental gates, aluminum gates, composite gates, chain link gates or PVC gates, All Fencing and Repair is here to educate you on the best gate application that suits your property. Since 1997 we have been installing […]

Broward Fence Contractors

Property owners will find many different choices in fencing supplies. The fence can enhance your home’s safety and also maintain your pets in a localized area where they can’t be considered a nuisance to the neighbors or endangered by traffic. Chain link fences are created of the fencing material that is connected to posts and rails. Material, poles, rails and gates are handled as to be resistant against rust. You can choose materials for your chain link fence that are galvanized using zinc. Aluminum clad fencing is usually cheaper but doesn’t last so long as zinc. Chain link fences offer […]

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