Automatic Gate Contractors Miami

When looking for an enclosure for a commercial or private residence, concerns for safety, convenience, and security will often lead to interest in an automated gate. This is often the best option when someone wants to fully enclose their property and still allow easy street access. Remote controls and security pads are usually also utilized so that cars can get through the gates simply and conveniently.

Automated gates can work with a few different types of fences, including aluminum and ornamental fences. However when gearing an enclosure towards security, an automated gate should be combined with fences that are going to maximize the effectiveness of the fenced-off area. This can often include extra-high security fences and other deterrents. Certain configurations of fencings are not as suitable or are not compatible at all with an automated gate and the moving parts involved. The surface that the automated gate will work on may have to be altered as well, depending on if there is a need for a track for the gate’s wheels.

Today the most common and important function of automated gates is their use for restricting access to residential and commercial areas. More and more businesses are embracing automated gates not just for their own use but to enhance customer access as well. Gated communities, construction sites, and parking garages are just a few examples of properties that commonly use automated gates. Small businesses often add automated gates for the enhanced privacy and security for their customers as well; including properties such as storage units or car dealerships.

The turn-key fence contracting service we provide takes care of all aspects of automated gate installation. Specifications and regulations are carefully followed when designing these gates. The mechanical components of the gate are installed and tested so that clients can expect proper running as soon as they are finished. We can also show and instruct clients on proper usage and maintenance of automated gates, to make sure they understand how to access their gate and allow others to have access to it.

Not all sites and enclosures will be suitable for an automated gate installation. Gates will usually need a smooth, paved surface to be installed upon, and must be installed in manners that match safety and permitting requirements. Preferably if someone wants an enclosure with an automated gate it will be easiest to plan for the gate before the enclosure is built to ensure that they will complement each other as necessary. Adding a gate to a pre-existing fence is also possible but may not be compatible for all enclosures.

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