Rolling Gates Miami

Whether you are creating an entirely new enclosure or completing an already started fencing project, adding the right gate is one of the most important parts of the process. For many types of fence projects, including chain link, aluminum, and wrought-iron fences, a rolling gate is much more effective and convenient.

Rolling gates provides added security to your residence or commercial property and it can be accessed as needed. One of the advantages of rolling gates it that it can be padlocked.

Rolling gates can be as affordable, yet effective as a chain-link fence, however it is not extremely secure and is not always the smoothest gate to move. Wood gates are also not typically used for rolling because they can be too heavy to effectively push or automatically move with a motor. The most common type of moving gate is aluminum. This type of gate can be seen all across Miami in car lots, parking garages, commercial lots, and private residences. Aluminum rolling gates usually work best when they have a track installed in the entrance for the gate to roll on, and while automated gates are popular, this light weight material is very easy to move by hand without much effort and require very little maintenance. The moving parts involved in a rolling gate are going to need checking up on periodically to make sure wheels and bearings are staying oiled and are not rusting or getting bent out of shape. This is especially true for chain link fences and gates that are the most vulnerable to weathering and damage.

Our turn-key service creates rolling gates to specifications and Miami regulations on such structures. We also do maintenance and repair of these gates, and can always advise and help clients with the planning and implementation of these important property upgrades.

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