Should I Treat My Wood Fence

Here’s a common homeowner question: When considering your wood fence options, is it better to purchase a less expensive wood that’s been pressure-treated, or a more expensive wood that has not? The answer to that will vary greatly by the specific situation at hand, and the area of the county you live in.

Pressure-treated pine is the standard when it comes to building a long-lasting affordable fence. Pressure-treated wood may not be the best looking of the wood fencing options, but for the price, it provides excellent resistance to rot and insects. Wood fence in Fort Lauderdale.

More exotic tropical hardwoods, like Ipe, can be quite expensive, but because of their density, can last for an extremely long time in our Fort Lauderdale, Florida outdoor setting without employing any of the harsh chemicals used to treat pine. Remember, wood fencing options are greatly available despite the fact that there other types of fences to choose from, such as ornamental fences, composite fences, aluminum fences, and pvc fences.

For wood fences installed in Florida, no matter what kind of wood fence you purchase, you’ll have the option of applying a weather seal to it, and as result, extend its life. If sealed properly and annually, you might get double the duration out of your fence, compared to leaving it unsealed. When it comes to sealing pressure-treated wood, you may need to wait several weeks before applying a water repellent. You can test the wood by sprinkling water on it. If the wood absorbs water quickly, it’s ready to be sealed. If the wood doesn’t absorb water, let it dry for several weeks before sealing.

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