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Fencing near me.

f you are looking for a fence contractor near you who offers high-quality fence installation services at an affordable price, All Fencing and Repair is here to help. Our experienced team of fence installers specializes in a variety of fencing materials, including aluminum, PVC, wood, and chain link. We offer a wide range of customization options, so you can design a fence that meets your specific needs. When it comes to choosing a fence contractor, there are several factors you should consider. Here are a few reasons why All Fencing and Repair is the best choice for your fencing needs: […]

Ornamental Fences Miami

Add a new touch of class to your home with an elegant and elaborate ornamental steel fence and gate. Custom gate and fence fabrication of all types right here in South Florida. For over 13 years All Fencing and Repair has manufactured, designed, fabricated, and installed the best ornamental steel fences and gate products available. “If you can dream it we can build it.” Ornamental Steel Fence and Gate Installation in South Florida The newest line of Ornamental Steel Fences and Gates offered by All Fencing and Repair are elegant and durable. Steel fencing closely resembles wrought iron fencing and […]

Decorative Fencing Miami

Decorative or ornamental fences are commonly made with wrought iron or aluminum materials and is a relatively common sight in Miami. Many people may assume that these kinds of enclosures are reserved for people who want to make their mansions more luxurious and private, but in fact if you were to look around Miami you would see many decorative fencing projects being applied to public facilities like school buildings as well as apartment complexes and commercial developments. In fact these are often the most secure and effective ways to secure very large spaces in situations such as enclosing an entire […]

Aluminum Fences Miami

Aluminum is the most popular and commonly seen type of fence in Miami. They are available in many configurations and styles and are very long lasting and easy to maintain. Aluminum fences are usually the first choice for many settings such as pools patios, walkways, business property fences, and can even be used on interiors. As far as privacy is concerned, aluminum fences come and many varieties and can be as opaque and tall as is desired. All varieties can be installed to fit varying specifications and are designed to resist damage and tampering, especially in the rainy, windy climate […]

Aluminum Fences Hollywood

What Type of Aluminum Fence is Best for Your Property? When you plan to buy an aluminum fence, first try and study the landscape of your property. If you have an uneven ground, then you will want to buy a fence that is rackable, or else you will end up having a stepping fence. If the pickets on an aluminum fence panel are welded together and not screwed, then installing such a fence on an uneven ground will create a stepping effect from panel to panel. So for uneven ground, it is best to have pickets screwed to the rails […]

Aluminum Fences Fort Lauderdale

The Make of Aluminum Fences It all starts in an aluminum plant where the furnace melts and shapes molten aluminum into hollow pipes, angles, brackets, sheets etc. Once the structure is ready, it passes through painting booths where they are powder coated. Finally it passes through a baking oven and then a cooler before it comes out and is stacked and ready to be shipped to fence whole sellers. Most of the big manufacturer’s like Ideal Aluminum provide limited lifetime warranty on their products. They are pretty good and have set the industry standard for quality aluminum fence products. Now […]

Aluminum Fence Contractors In Broward

Due to their popularity, contracting for aluminum fencing is a busy and competitive market in Broward County. Even during a recession there is constant construction and renovation projects where aluminum fences comes into use. This includes not just home improvement projects but commercial and industrial projects all across Broward County that use indoor and outdoor aluminum fences. Avoiding Scams When Looking for a Fence Contractor This fertile industry has made Florida a hotbed of contractor fraud. Therefore it is very important that any business you are considering hiring be thoroughly researched. Ask for examples of past work they have done […]

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