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Are dog runs worth it?

This can indeed be a practical solution for a variety of reasons, including safety and exercise. Here are some key points to consider when using a chain-link dog kennel to keep your dog safe and happy: Proper Size: Ensure the kennel is appropriately sized for your dog’s breed and needs. Dogs should have enough space to move around comfortably. Safety: The galvanized steel frame and chain link wire mesh provide a sturdy and secure enclosure. Make sure there are no sharp edges or gaps that your dog could get stuck in. Shade: You mentioned the importance of providing shade. This […]



MASTER HALCO, AMD, HOME DEPOTYour backyard should be a Relaxing Space!!! Nowadays, having a truly relaxing space at home seems more like a luxury, but it’s not that hard to achieve that. If you get privacy in the backyard, you will know what a relaxing space truly is. Even if you already have a cozy outdoor area to relax and enjoy yourself, you must consider that crucial factor. Not having privacy in your backyard will eventually overwhelm you and your family. While it’s always great to have common areas to enjoy with other people, having a little “me time” every […]


To determine whether your fence needs repair or replacement, several factors need to be considered. Here are some aspects to assess: Physical Condition: Examine the overall condition of your fence. Look for signs of damage such as rotting, warping, leaning, loose boards or posts, or significant wear and tear. Minor issues may be repairable, but extensive damage might require replacement. Structural Integrity: Assess the structural stability of your fence. Does it feel sturdy and secure, or does it wobble or sway? If the fence is unstable or poses a safety risk, it may be better to replace it. Age and […]

what does a commercial chain link fence look like?

chaink link fence

commercial chain link fence is a type of fencing commonly used in various commercial and industrial settings. It is constructed using a series of interwoven metal wires that form a diamond-shaped pattern. This type of fence is known for its durability, affordability, and versatility. Here are some key features and components of a commercial chain link fence: Mesh: The fence is made up of a woven mesh fabric created by interlocking galvanized or coated steel wires in a diamond pattern. The size of the diamonds can vary depending on the desired level of security. Posts: The fence is supported by […]

Should I Repair or Replace my wood fence?

wood fence, fort LAUDERDALE fence, plantation fence. Shadowbox fence wood fence.

So, you are thinking of repairing your wood fence. All Fencing and repair can help you make the right decision. There are many factors to be considered. How do you know if your wood fence needs repair or replacement? Here are some suggestions to assess: Physical Condition: Examine the overall condition of your fence. Look for signs of damage such as rotting, warping, leaning, loose boards or posts, or significant wear and tear. Minor issues may be repairable, but extensive damage might require replacement. Remember, with a wood fence, if it’s older than 15-20 years, you may encounter what we […]


pvc privacy fence

PVC fences have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their durability, low maintenance requirements, and attractive designs. If you’re considering installing a fence around your property, a PVC fence could be an excellent choice. In this post, we will explore the many benefits of PVC fences, discuss their various design options, and provide essential maintenance tips to help you make an informed decision. Call All Fencing and Repair today for your PVC Fence 954.306.3477 Understanding PVC Fences: What is a PVC fence? How are PVC fences made? Advantages of PVC fences over traditional materials like wood or metal. […]

Gates Boca Raton

An aluminum fence is the best when it comes to strength, beauty and durability. Aluminum fences can be custom designed to any ornamental style and powder coated with any color to give your fence the beauty and elegance it deserves. Aluminum fence is the king of fences, hands down. Aluminum Fence Tips When you plan to buy an aluminum fence, first try and study the landscape of your property. If you have an uneven ground, then you will want to buy a fence that is rackable, or else you will end up having a stepping fence. If the pickets on […]

Rolling Gates Miami

Whether you are creating an entirely new enclosure or completing an already started fencing project, adding the right gate is one of the most important parts of the process. For many types of fence projects, including chain link, aluminum, and wrought-iron fences, a rolling gate is much more effective and convenient. Rolling gates provides added security to your residence or commercial property and it can be accessed as needed. One of the advantages of rolling gates it that it can be padlocked. Rolling gates can be as affordable, yet effective as a chain-link fence, however it is not extremely secure […]

Gates Miami

Decorative / Ornamental / Sculptural Gate Design And Installation In South Florida Driveway gates, wrought iron gates, garden gates, security gates, pedestrian gates, ornamental gates, steel gates, aluminum gates, walk trough gates, automatic gates, electric gates, gate operators, gate openers, access control gate, battery powered gates, you name it. All Fencing and Repair has the gate product you are looking for. All Fencing and Repair offers a comprehensive line of products and services for all aspects of gate and fence installation. Wrought iron gates, railings, fencing, gate automation, entry/access control, columns, and walls are all options available for your gate/fence […]

Automatic Gate Contractors Miami

When looking for an enclosure for a commercial or private residence, concerns for safety, convenience, and security will often lead to interest in an automated gate. This is often the best option when someone wants to fully enclose their property and still allow easy street access. Remote controls and security pads are usually also utilized so that cars can get through the gates simply and conveniently. Automated gates can work with a few different types of fences, including aluminum and ornamental fences. However when gearing an enclosure towards security, an automated gate should be combined with fences that are going […]

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